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Paige Burgess

Development Officer

Paige Burgess brings to her role as Development Officer at Hope Horizon EPA 15 years of experience in high-tech & biotech marketing & public relations plus 15 years working with students both as a homeschooling mom and in the non-profit sector. After completing her Journalism/Public Relations Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Paige honed her skills in marketing communications, public relations and events production while focusing on the needs of high-tech and bio-tech companies in the Bay Area. She then enjoyed a season of raising 2 sons & homeschooling them through middle school, while also teaching many classes, serving as the Nursery Director at her church, and helping out with non-profit ministries as a community organizer. When Paige isn't working or enjoying her sons, she is passionate about travel and has done so extensively, visiting over 50 countries in her lifetime, typically with a backpack on her back. That passion began when Paige's family moved to Egypt during elementary school. She also lived and worked briefly in London after college graduation. Paige is a foodie, just one of the reasons that travel is such a treat. She is happy when hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, reading and watching movies and documentaries. She loves Jesus, worshipful singing, praying and studying the Bible.


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