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East Palo Alto Robotics strives to provide a space for students in East Palo Alto/Belle Haven to engage in STEM.


Students will develop communication and leadership skills while working together to build competitive robots, and more importantly, having fun.

See us in action

East Palo Alto Robotics Awards


In October of 2019, East Palo Alto Robotics attended CalGames at Woodside Highschool and won their first award, the Highest Seeded Rookie Award.


Highest Seeded Rookie Award


In 2021, East Palo Alto Robotics took part in the Infinite Recharge At Home Challenge (Lanthanum Group), the Game Design Challenge (Bromine Group), and the FIRST Innovation Challenge (Fluorine Group).

In the end, we won the Rookie Gamer Changer Award for the Infinite Recharge at Home Challenge and the Rookie Design Award for the Game Design Challenge.


Here is the Rookie Design Award, from the Game Design Challenge, EPA robotics fell under the Bromine Group (Plaque)

Here is the Rookie Game Changer Award, from the Infinite Recharge at Home Challenge, EPA robotics fell under the Lanthanum Group (Plaque)

Here are the trophies for both awards with plaques on the sides

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