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Hope Horizon East Palo Alto, which has been operating since 1984 and whose main mission is “to equip east-of-Bayshore youth to grow spiritually, gain life skills and develop as leaders so that they have hope and a future,” held a successful 2023 Gala at The Grand Bay Hotel in Redwood City, CA last March 19.

April | 2023

July | 2022

The East Palo Alto Police Department hopes National Night Out will "help citizens get acquainted with their neighbors and work together toward a safer community," interim Police Chief Jeff Liu said in a recent community update. There will be nine separate National Night Out events across East Palo Alto hosted by churches, nonprofits and individuals.

April | 2022

For the past three years, a dozen-or-so East Palo Alto middle- and high-schoolers have been experimenting with basic motors, electrical engineering, computer vision, hydraulics, machining, pneumatics and software development with one goal in mind: Build a robot.

March | 2022

A NEW DAY HAS DAWNED ... For nearly four decades, Bayshore Christian Ministries has given community members opportunities to form bonds in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven. This week, the nonprofit announced its new name: Hope Horizon East Palo Alto.

November | 2021


Lin’s foundation helped raise over $110,000 to help fund the completion of the field. “BCM’s Field of Hope is an example of East Palo Alto’s resilience,” East Palo Alto Councilmember Antonio Lopez said at the opening ceremony. “It’s an oasis...

Current TUFs are working to build a new park at an underutilized lot near Bayshore Christian Ministries in East Palo Alto. Over the course of the last nine months and several semesters, Dorsey said, students have gone through the landscape design process.

March 2019

The four girls created their app in 12 weeks, working on two borrowed laptops for just four hours each week at Bayshore Christian Ministries in East Palo Alto. They were guided by two tech professionals: Selina Martinez, a Bayshore volunteer who used to work at a Facebook apps startup, and Sarah Clatterbuck, a LinkedIn web developer.

May | 2013

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