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hope horizon east palo alto Impact Report 2023

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Jeremiah 29:11

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An Open Door to

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Dear Hope Horizon East Palo Alto Friends and Family,

For 40 years, Hope Horizon East Palo Alto (formerly Bayshore Christian Ministries / BCM) has been opening doors to hope and a future.  We have been opening doors to growth, opportunity and love to the children and youth of East Palo Alto.

For 40 years we have run academic, spiritual, life skills, leadership development, robotics, art, science, dance, cooking, gardening, financial literacy, social emotional learning, time management ... and the list goes on.

Meet Jenn. Jenn first attended programs in elementary school. She affectionately referred to BCM as her second home. Growing up at BCM provided a stable and safe place for her to grow amongst other instabilities in her life. “The spiritual programs I attended constantly challenged my thought process and beliefs and I grew stronger spiritually because of it. I appreciated being taught our faith-based lessons and given the opportunity to make the decision to grow at my own pace.”  Jenn says we have made a huge impact on who she is today. And now, Jenn is making a huge impact on the next generation. Today, Jenn has returned to Hope Horizon EPA as the Director of Operations. Jenn is living, breathing evidence of the impact one life, one moment can make – both in those that loved her and those to whom she is passing on that love. 

Now, multiply exponentially the stories and lives of impact that Hope Horizon EPA has had over the past 40 years.


It’s not easy to sustain the work of Hope Horizon EPA, but we are grateful for each of you that has played an instrumental role in carrying out our mission and vision.

Will you consider a 40-year celebration gift to honor the 40 years of impact and toast the 40 years yet to come? Perhaps it is $40 or $400, $4,000 or $40,000. We invite you to continue to be part of what God is doing here. 

“For I know the plans I have for you; plans to proper and not to harm, plans of hope and a future” --Jeremiah 29:11  


This still rings powerfully true. This vision has sustained Hope Horizon EPA for 40 years. In a world that continues to harm, hinder and halt the future of so many of our students, Hope Horizon EPA brings God’s powerful message of hope.


Will you open doors to: Christ • Community • Love • Hope • Forgiveness • Redemption • Educational Equipping • Leadership Development • Careers • Robotics & STEM Exposure • Loving Adults • God’s Overwhelming All Consuming Love? 


Josette Langevine and Tiffany Hong, Executive Directors

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Sneak peek

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Sneek Peek


an open door to

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an open door to christ

Life skills

an open door to

Academics - Opening Doors to Future

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Camp Hope Horizon - Opening Doors to Experience

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Robotics - Opening Doors to STEM

Life Skills - Robotics Data 02.png
Life Skills - Robotics Data.png
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an open door to

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Board of directors

Dan Bradford

Rhonda Brewster
Joey Gonzales
Isabel Jimenez
Arne Lim

Emil Lovely
Jacqueline Ronan
Ron Sanders
Alexander Sideropoulos


Waniya Bryant
Paige Burgess
Tiffany Hong
Amy Joh
Josette Langevine

Natessa Martinez
Roberto Mendoza

Jennifer Nicks

Pedro Ortega
Aaron Tom
Leslie Tuakalau
Mona Tuitavake
Rosie Valencia
Jonathan Wick

Yazmin Vega

Part-time/Seasonal staff

Anna Black

David Bush

Greg Corsetto

Daisy Cruz Garcia

Sue Ann Eason

Mikayla Fritzemeier

Alicia Guiterrez 

Ed King 
Kimberly Lopez Hernandez 

Aaron Lucas-Moreno 
Larissa Mendoza  

Nathan Mooney 

Chaerim Nam  

Ariana Palacios 

Rajesh Philipos 
Matt Pizzimenti 

Michael Salmeron 

Evangelina Teputepu 

Ana Tuakalau 
Semisi Tuitavake  

Daniel Valencia 

Cynthia Vazquez 

Yadira Vazquez 
Yazmin Vega  

Jamie Wang 

Hubert Wong  

Howard Wong-Toi

an open door to christ

an open door to


Thank you all!

Connection - Volunteer Data 01.png
Connection - Volunteer Data 03.png
Connection - Volunteer Data 02.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 01.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 02.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 03.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 04.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 06.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 07.png
Connection - Volunteer Quote 05.png

Church partners

Abounding Grace Christian Church
Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
Bethany Lutheran Church
Central Peninsula Church
Chinese for Christ Church San Jose

Chinese Church in Christ - SJ
Community Baptist Church
Community Church of East Palo Alto

First Chinese Baptist Church

Grace Presbyterian Church

Hana Seed Church

Highway Community

Home of Christ Cupertino 

Home of Christ Menlo Park


Living Community Church - EPA

Lord’s Grace Christian Church

Menlo Church 
New Beginnings Community Church 
New Community Church 

Palo Alto Vineyard Church 

Peninsula Covenant Church 

River of Life Foundation

River of Life Church

Spark Church

St. James AME Zion

St. Mark’s AME Zion

The Great Exchange Church

True North

University AME Zion

Valley Church

VIVE Church

grant wins

Connection - Church Partern Data 01.png
Connection - Church Partern Data 02.png



We were thrilled to reveal our new name and brand on March 1, 2022 as Hope Horizon East Palo Alto. We are excited about the clarity of vision that God is giving us as we take our organization into the next season.

An Open Door: We help students open doors to their rising futures, to the hope of Christ and to the hope of something beyond the set of circumstances they may be in right now.

Looking to the Horizon: The horizon with a sunrise is a way to speak to the hope that is a always on the horizon, a new possibility ahead, a future unseen and unknown.

We look forward to the next 40 years of equipping East Palo Alto and Belle Haven youth to grow spiritually, gain life skills and develop as leaders so that they have hope and a future.

For it is for this we labor and strive,
because we have fixed our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all people.
1 Timothy 4:10

ways to get involved

Let Us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23

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