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Hope horizon scholarships

The Hope Horizon East Palo Alto scholarship program was created to encourage and assist our youth in pursuit of higher education and to encourage community involvement, volunteerism and ministry involvement by students during their college years.

Have you been involved in Hope Horizon EPA?

Apply for a 2024 Scholarship Below!

Applications due April 19, 2024!


Amount of award will vary; award range is $100-1500 Funding priority will be given to students who have:

  1. Participated in Bayshore Christian Ministries/Hope Horizon programs

  2. Demonstrated leadership and service in their church, community, or campus organizations

  3. Financial hardship 

Based on recent years, current student involvement and gifts pledged towards the scholarship program, we expect to award 5-10 scholarships for the 2024-2025 school year.

Eligibility Requirements  

  • Attendance at an accredited college/university or approved Bible school or mission training program during the 2024-2025  

  • GPA 2.5 or higher 

Application Materials 

  • There is one application for graduating high school seniors and one for current college students

  • Fill out application form at link below

  • Upload your Personal Statement answering the following question

​How has your involvement at Hope Horizon East Palo Alto / BCM impacted your life and helped prepare you for your future?  What would you like us to know about your life experience, family, goals or financial situation as we consider applicants?

  • Upload your current transcript 


Contact Waniya Bryant, Director of Programs & Scholarship Program Coordinator


March 26th – Scholarship applications open 

April 19th - Application deadline 

May 10th – Award letters sent to students 

May 24th - Hope Horizon EPA graduation for celebration for 5th,  8th and 12th grade students; scholarship recipients will receive special acknowledgement during graduation.  


"My goal is to earn my master's degree in engineering in 5 years and a minor in computer science. I plan on coming back after I graduate to mentor the [robotics] team and will be visiting whenever I am in town."
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