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Elementary programs

Our elementary programs establish a strong foundation for our students, both academically and spiritually.

In our academic program, students develop a positive attitude toward school, perform at grade level or above in all their academic subjects and gain life skills which help them grow into healthy adults who will influence their families and communities in a positive way.

In our spiritual formation program, students are empowered to enter into a relationship with Christ and to increase their knowledge of Scripture.  Students develop life skills through a focus on the whole child and are inspired as they form healthy relationships with caring adults and peers.  

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Elementary Academic Program

Monday-Thursday   3:00 - 6:15 pm

During the school year, students receive homework assistance as well as additional support in reading, writing, math and other academic skills, all in collaboration with parents and teachers. Students develop social-emotional skills and enjoy snack and recess. 

Does your Elementary student need individualized academic support in a safe and supportive environment? Fill out our interest form & we'll be in touch!

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Elementary Spiritual Program

Mondays-Thursdays   3:00 pm - 6:15 pm

We offer a variety of weekly activities including hands-on learning, music, Bible lessons, and one-on-one huddles led by volunteer mentors. We invite children in our community into a relationship with Jesus and pray God will transform their hearts.


Our program helps children develop authentic relationships with God and reflect Christian character in their lives. Dinner is provided. 
Looking to connect with our Elementary Spiritual program? Fill out our interest form & we'll be in touch! 

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