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Meet Our Team

What has been your favorite team memory so far?



Fresno. After being SO bummed out that we couldn’t compete we went to an amusement park-like place. It was really fun and I felt like I got closer to everyone. It was a good day despite its terrible start. OR Cal games, our first and only "competition". It was really fun to get to experience a competition, and being alliance captains/making it to semis being a rookie team was very inspiring. OR Build season last year was also so much fun. Being able to spend time working on a collective goal was fun. There was so much to do and working together was so much fun. I was really looking forward to competing.

I had a lot of fun working on the Innovation Challenge this year, and despite everything being remote and online, we were able to design something to help one's physical and mental health. It was great working towards designing something, that enhances a bike into a bike trainer. I think the pandemic really taught me how much can be done, especially virtually!​


I had lots of fun being a part of the innovation challenge during covid, because it helped me realize that anything is possible, regardless of the circumstances. The bloopers in our demonstration video, and the constant reruns and practices for the judging was also lots of fun.


My favorite team memory is from our most recent “competition”. Even though it got canceled, we still found ways to show off our robot, but most importantly, get closer as a team. I felt like that was when I was able to bond a lot more with some teammates. 


Core Values

  • #Belonging

    • Include everyone - embrace our differences and have your teammates' backs

    • Share the work - everyone has a role, everyone is useful and needed

    • Show respect - no harsh judgments, we’re all learning. We will make mistakes and won't always agree, but we all deserve kindness.

    • We also belong to the larger FIRST community, which means we extend the same welcoming to every competitor as a part of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition.

  • #Commitment

    • Demonstrate grit - take pride in your work; make the best decisions you can, and follow through even when it’s tough

    • Put in the time - we all committed 6+ hours a week; show up on time, and let your crew know in advance when you can't make a meeting

    • Protect each other - learn and follow safety procedures, wear your safety gear, remind your teammates when we forget

  • #Fun

    • Be curious - learn new things, take exciting risks, always try something new

    • Hang out - be real with each other, make our friendships last outside robotics


Thank you for our sponsors for their generous support!

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