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Exciting Leadership Update

From the Hope Horizon Board

Dear Hope Horizon Family and Friends,

We are honored to announce the appointment of our next Executive Director, Josette (Josie) Langevine. Josie has been an integral part of our team, most recently serving as Co-Executive Director alongside Tiffany Hong, and previously as Director of Operations for two years. Josie's dedication and vision make her the ideal person to lead us forward and we are thrilled to have her step into this leadership role at Hope Horizon. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to Tiffany for her exceptional leadership and commitment as Executive Director and Co-Executive Director over the past three years. Tiffany's contributions have been invaluable, and we are excited about the future as we continue to build on the strong foundation she has helped to establish.

This transition reflects our ongoing commitment to nurturing leaders and fostering leadership development within Hope Horizon. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we remain dedicated to the mission and vision that have guided us since our founding. We look forward to many more years of hope, growth, and impact in our community.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


The Hope Horizon Board Members

From Tiffany Hong

Dear Hope Horizon Family,

I have been tremendously blessed to be part of Hope Horizon EPA for about 3.5 years now.

Part of what God allowed us to build in the past 3.5 years is a sustainable leadership model that not only intentionally creates leadership opportunities and equipping at every level, but specifically paves a pipeline to the Executive Director position, to equip all our leaders to be prepared to step into upper leadership at Hope Horizon – from our high school summer interns and robotics team captains to our Executive Director. As is part of our mission and vision from day one, we desire to equip leaders. Raising up leaders, supporting leaders has always been one of my greatest joys in ministry.

I want to thank everyone – staff, community, board, donors, partners for their support of me in the past 3.5 years. But now it is a necessary step for me to step aside for leaders to grow and flourish. I gladly step out of the way so that leadership may be raised up and am excited about Josie Langevine as the new Executive Director. I am not only in full support of Josie’s leadership and capability, but I’m ecstatic to see how God will use this talented, self-less, hard working, caring leader.  

Thanks again for trusting me, walking with me and allowing me to be part of Hope Horizon. It’s been such an honor to be part of this organization and I will continue to support Hope Horizon in every way possible.  


Tiffany Hong

From Josette (Josie) Langevine

To my Hope Horizon family and friends,


I am humbled to be invited by the Board of Hope Horizon East Palo Alto to be its new executive director. Previously, the co-executive director model was designed to align with our mission and vision of building and equipping leaders. During the past year, we raised up and supported 3 amazing new directors into the Executive Team. I could not have asked for a better co-executive director and friend, Tiffany Hong, who helped train, equip, and support each leader, and for the 3.5 years she has dedicated to our organization. 


As I pray for my next steps, I’m excited to be continuing and supporting an organization whose mission and vision resonates with my personal story and makes me so grateful to be part of the East Palo Alto community. My heart has always been to build the younger generation up through faith and education so they can have boundless hope and a future. As I do this work and lean on God’s guidance, I keep in mind my own experiences and that of my family. 


I’m a child of immigrants. Living in an underserved area, my mom drove 30 minutes away so I could be part of a better school system. The only thing I remember was holding on to my faith, keeping that as the number one priority, and getting a good education. We ultimately had the hope that our inequality did not limit potential and people’s access to opportunity and growth. 


The work that Hope Horizon East Palo Alto does is not limited to one person’s story, it’s about how we can make a difference for all of us. I’m so passionate about what we do and how our students will pour into the future. I’m committed to working with our staff and board to identify and continuously improve the resources we provide.  


I look forward to meeting you and invite you to reach out to introduce yourself, tell me about your passion for Hope Horizon East Palo Alto, and share your ideas about what our community needs in the new season. Please send me an email at I can’t wait to hear from you. 



Josette Langevine 

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