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Thankful For Our New Bible Club Location

“Shout out to my many wonderful volunteers, can’t do it without you!”

-Leslie, BCM Bible Club Program Manager

Our BCM Bible Club

Our Bible Clubs here at BCM are growing and we are thankful to God, our volunteers and our community partners for making it possible.  We have been praying and preparing for this growth throughout the past year and are excited to see God’s answers to our prayers.  

While planning for our summer VBS’s last year, we discovered Boom Pop Park, located on the Westside near the O’Keefe apartments, and wanted to use it as a VBS site. We contacted Woodland Park Apartments, who owns the property and they not only gave us the space for the summer but wanted to continue working with us afterwards. This allowed us to add a new Westside Bible Club utilizing one of their community spaces.  We are grateful to have a safe, indoor location for Bible Club with nearby access to the park when the weather is nice. Not only is the space ideal, but perhaps most importantly it is walking distance to where many students live. Thank you, God, for your provision!

While this new club is only a few months old, we have seen God at work in so many ways on the Westside. Every week we see new kids come to Bible Club that are invited by the current students. Kyle* has participated in BCM programs before, and anyone who knows Kyle knows he is always smiling, even when he is doing something he may not want to do.  Kyle attends Bible Club every week and he brings his own Bible with him, even though we provide them. Last week he not only brought his Bible, but he also brought a snack to share with everyone. What touched our Bible Club leaders the most, though, was how he invited a friend to come to the “best Bible Club ever.” 

Our Westside Bible Club location

While we have so much to be grateful to God for at our Westside location, there is still a great need for a Bible Club location in the Belle Haven neighborhood. We are looking for an enclosed space with restrooms and an outdoor area that can be utilized throughout the year. It can be a classroom, fellowship hall or multipurpose room with capacity for 12 students and 3-4 volunteers. Please join us in seeking God’s provision for a location for our next neighborhood Bible Club.  

*Name changed

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