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Meet a 2021 Scholarship Recipient: Sofia

BCM has impacted my life in so many quintessential ways. In my sophomore year, I went through a really difficult time due to family related challenges. Not only was I having a hard time balancing my academic life and personal life, but I began to doubt my abilities to be truly independent in my future academics as well as my future in adulthood.

However, I began to change my frame of mind and perspective by participating in the after-school program, LiT and connecting with the staff at BCM during my time on campus as well as in my down time waiting for my mom in the lobby, building my communication skills by engaging in friendly banter, small talk and the occasional deep conversation.

I've never been one to gravitate towards such a tight-knit community, now I could not possibly see myself moving forward without the BCM community backing me up and supporting me, now and in my future endeavors.

During my time at LiT, I was able to open up about the loss of my cousin Jessica who was extremely academically driven, before I hadn’t been able to relive the moments leading up to her death with anyone. The trust we had built in the LiT community helped guide me spiritually as well as to utilize her memory to fuel my academic journey and passion for medicine to make her proud and ensure that the health of others is the focus of my future career.

Being a student at Oxford Academy (the school that shares BCM’s building) has given me the opportunity to constantly be around the BCM building, gladly offering my help to anyone who needed it. During my freshman year, I volunteered to help Ed’s first-grade students practice their reading skills and support them with their homework. I have also volunteered for Waniya, translating for a student who didn't speak English and even work for her in the summer for Create Academy, which was an amazing opportunity and experience. I was able to really connect with the students and brighten up their Summer just a little bit more.

I have also been participating in LiT for about three years now and I have received so much support with my journey with my spirituality, my academics, and my life in general.

I will forever be indebted for the kindness shown to my mom and I as we both struggled with the sudden absence of my father. Living in a house of eight, each individually coping in their own way, my mom and I were able to reciprocate the kindness shown to us at LiT and at BCM in general and bring it home to help heal as a family, unifying us, and in turn them showing me immense support on my path to college. Now with the certainty of the path I'm taking to UC Berkeley, which I'm extremely excited to share with my BCM family, still lies my trepidation to our financial situation, the root being my mom's sudden shift to head of household and taking on the emotional and financial burden of the house.

With that being said, my emotional resilience and positive outlook I can accredit to BCM and the outstanding staff in their encouraging and loving environment. I thank the BCM team for the continuous love and support.

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