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Meet a 2021 BCM Scholarship Recipient: Keilee

I started going to StreetWorkz at BCM when I was in the 5th grade with a cousin of mine, a year before I was even supposed to. I made such great connections with everyone that they allowed me to join the program a year early. I continued through the program up until my 8th grade year, participating in all events and activities and continuing to grow connections and learning more about the Lord's word.

When I started BCM, I had recently lost my brother to gun violence the next street over from BCM. I was going through a rough time and didn't have a support system, so joining BCM really helped me out a lot and made me feel like I had a home.

After StreetWorkz I joined BCM's high school program, LIT, my freshman year. Although I moved states for a little while I was still thankfully involved with the people and the program. I moved back to California and continued to be a student in the program, receiving help with my family and my mental health while still learning about the real world and learning God's word. Now I am a graduating senior and almost everyone knows me at BCM. I know the ins and outs of the building and how pretty much everything works and I have been more than grateful with the experiences and the opportunities I have gotten.

My mom has not always been wealthy or always been able to give me money for things or always have a meal on the table for me but BCM has ALWAYS been a backbone for me. Even when I moved to a different state, my mentors helped me raise money to go on a mission trip and experience something new and give back to other children.

Every goal I have set and accomplished has been because I have had people from BCM pushing me to become better and do better than what people’s ideas of me were.

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