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Celebrate with us & spread the news!

While our name has changed, our mission & commitment to serving East-of-Bayshore students & families with Christ's love has not.  We are excited to enter our next season and open even more doors to hope and a future for youth in our community.


Watch this short video to learn about our Party-in-a-Box initiative and how you can help spread the word!

As you just saw, the Party-in-a-Box will be a fun, flexible event that is totally tailorable to you! You can host an in-person or virtual party; you can throw a full five course meal or just enjoy the yummy dessert we provide.


You invite your friends, family, neighbors, church family, book club or golf buddies to learn more about the ways Hope Horizon EPA is impacting lives. 

We will provide 30 minutes of streaming video and interactive content, including a game, dessert for your in-person event, necessary materials, and host coaching & guide.  Whenever possible, a member of our staff team will also be available to attend your party to be a resource for you and your guests!

Our goal is to find 30 hosts who will invite 10

or more guests to join their Party in a Box. 


Will you consider hosting? 

We also have a goal of raising $65,000 in sponsorship and matching funds for these events.. 


The first $15,000 will cover all costs of the event logistic, so that we can ensure that every dollar raised at the parties will go directly to our students and programs.  Another $50,000 is needed for matching funds so that every dollar donated will be doubled at our parties. 


Join us as a host or sponsor today!


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For questions or clarification, please email us!

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